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  Altjo Tur / Alanya
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Altjo Tur / Alanya
Tenis organizasyonu
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  Tennis What is there more ideal than on holiday your favorite occupation can practice!  Intensively play tennis or so now and then a balletje hit, we have on each destination with large care accommodaties selected which self stuck out lend round of your holiday an active and unforgettable experience to make.  Wants your forehand improve or work at your service?  The beginning tennisser till the (far) advanced tenisser in a beautiful surroundings technical skills can train or participate at competitions.  Your tennis game or traning yet once calm evaluate is naturally after result under the enjoyment possible of a refreshing drink.  The below accommodaties extremely good occasion offer play a sport to lead and to see to round one of the most practiced in the world from at least over 1 tennis court, of which the number run can to only gladly 10 tremendous tennis courts.  The ground of the speelvelden changes between gravel, art grass, concrete or cement.  Not only for individual tennis holidays only also for tennis week in group our co-workers stand till your service for the giving of more information or a sacrificed on measure! 


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       Alanya Turu
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       CLIO, 2008
       Fiat Albea, 2006
       FiAT DOBLO, 2012
       FiAT PALIO, 2014
       HYUNDA? STAREX, 2005
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