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Altjo Tur / Alanya
Kappadokya bisiklet turu
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When you go to Cappadocië, you will have of it regret, that you came not before this way.  For lovers, Altjo organizes Travel an unique bicycle trip through Cappadocië. 


Do you love ride a bicycle?  Are you interested in the unique nature phenomena, the culture and the hospitality of Turkey?  Then you can come forward Travel is organized for an unique bicycle trip for a group of at most 10 fietsers. 


During this unique bicycle trip through Cappadocië you will enjoy the impressive and varied nature, but also of the kindness and large hospitality of the local population.  You come at the men at home and makes knowledge with the daily life on the Turkish countryside.  On this manner learn you the country marriage know and visit you place where you otherwise at past would go.,. 


You remain in hotel on basis of half boardinghouse.  From your accommodatie, you make bicycle day trips through surreal landscape of Cappadocië.  This is one of the most beautiful regions of Turkey and a goods paradise for fietsers, walkers, nature lover and culture lovers!  Here you can have endless sphere bicycle through primitive barren and shady valleys, along vineyards and pumpkin fields.  You will you remain amaze over the capricious forms that the natures at can take and the multiples at colors that you here found. 

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